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ritika Just a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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Covers of the hues On the flesh with deeper wounds
It's a poem by me. Hehe.

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by ritika aka err1585

Covers of the hues

On the flesh with deeper wounds

The illogical burns

From the common of the things

The faking fake files

Written, revised, reviewed, remembered,

Nothing seem to be real.

Battled, lost and decayed.

The hoax.

Me, just me.

Even in the facets

Though this can be felt.

But still scream,

Me, just me.

The bleedings, the reds, laying dead.

Don't put your hand out,

Beggars are doing that.

Don't show them greens.

Make them capable enough to earn it.

No one's handicapped.

Don't put any barricade...

Make your brain a friend,

Not a war land,

It's present in abundance already.

Don't put your hand out for caging, masking as someone to depend upon.

Truth. Truth I'm trying to experiment with.

Put your hand out, use that mind,

Make it work a bit, a bit more...

For you. For them.


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