...Golden Paths...
...Golden Paths... desert stories

ritika Just a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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"Sand" took my mind to "Rajasthan". <br/>I love #INDIA!

...Golden Paths...

by Ritika @ritika

Those golden sprinklers of Rajasthan

And those beautiful women holding on heavy 'matakas'

Those chilly nights And dead hot days

Like my girl's mood!

I just can't resist The sweetness and taste of

Old hand's 'daal batti churma...' And

I just can't get away From the beauty of that desert

And who could have avoided the modern day safaris!

But still something much deeper I held back and taken away

The beauty of sand's culture The beauty of the "Great Desert"

The beauty of camel safari, The beauty of spiritual land, The beauty of nature's glory

The beauty of the artistry, The beauty of 'marwari' The beauty of 'Hindustan'.

'matakas': pots to carry water, milk etc. 'daal batti churma': A very famous Rajasthani cuisine 'marwari': Rajasthani Language 'HIndustan': India

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