Breakthrough The Cults!
Breakthrough The Cults! conquer stories

ritika Just a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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Just another perspective for those deep oceans and hard harsh mountains!

Breakthrough The Cults!

by Ritika (ehsans_err1585)

Those deep blue ocean And hard harsh rocks. I chose depths.

Alike those mysterious oceans, Trying break those rules Of society!

Like a river I keep on flowing.

Creating a dent on those mountains!

I keep on walking Till eternity,

Alone, with a vision To change those bitter realities!

I won't stop, no matter what! I will conquer those cults, Who are limiting us!

And those towers are too small for my flood,

Ain't nothing I can't achieve! I thrill those heights and hardcore rocky realities.

Like an ocean I will flow, With depths unknown!

Streaming and breaking aside those peaks,

Till I won't see my desired sunshine!

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