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Start Over

Before I start over for this new year I need to go over what happened earlier this year. A few days ago it was my uncle's 7 year memorial and I was very sad but I had to be strong.

Before this memorial it was November 1st when my sister ran away and she was kidnapped by my mom's family. But luckily we caught my aunty in her lies.

My mom couldn't believe her own family would do this to her. My mom has 10 siblings on her mom side and 9 on her father's side.

This year has been very hard for us dealing with money issues, people dying, and just trying to survive out here. We wanted to get away so in October we had just moved to Alabama to start over.

Alabama was a nice and good fresh start I love that we are in a house living doing better than ever. We have my sister here with us.

I can't wait to celebrate our first time in our house in Alabama with 2020 coming up I know it's going to be better than 2019.

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