Emotional letter from My Dad
Emotional letter from My Dad emotions stories
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Emotional letter from neglected father to her daughter

Emotional letter from My Dad

Ruchi came to home after work when she saw few posts of today on the table. she went throgh it when she noticed an white envelop. nothing was mentioned above it except the name. "Mr.A"

she was surprised. what's in this envelop? she curiously opened it & found a letter inside. She started reading.

"Hello Ruchi,

you may not remember me. But I know you very well. I hope you will know my name by the end of this letter.

Ruchi, I want you to know that I think about you all the time.

Every day I wonder what would have happened if you had not left, but I suppose it's better this way.

I have been alone since then.

as we both are art lover, If you were with me, I would ask you to take me to museums, photo exhibitions and galleries, as well as to plays, orchestral concerts and book readings.

Surely it would be great.

Today the only thing I would like to be able to imagine is what your smile looks likes.

I wonder what your eyes look like when you get sad, or how your forehead wrinkles when you're angry.

I would take many pictures of you, & also you would get able to take many pictures of me because I finally have been able to buy that expensive camera that you always wanted,

the one you asked for so much & the one because of which you left me.

but my dear, as a single & poor dad, i didn't have money for that at that time & and I am really sorry about that.

I was always left wanting to know what it would feel like if you said to me, "How are you,dad? " . I always wanted to eat food made by you.

last time I taste food of home was 30 years ago before your mom died. Too bad you could never do it.

Nothing is wrong, Ruchi. I understand that you are very busy.

tears started flowing from Ruchi's eyes. It was her fathers latter. she ran from him in anger just when she was fifteen. it has been 20 years since that incident.

she never tried to contact him..today she was a succesful woman. she wiped her tears & continued reading...

You left. But I know it was not my fault, I couldn't be a best father & also never fill up the love which your mother could have give you.

I still remember the day you left. I would have liked to know that time that I would never able to see you again so that I could have hug you tightly and tell you that I will always love you.

I have tried in many ways to fill that deep emptiness that I feel, but I couldn't.

I am just an old man now who can't walk more than 5 minutes straight. The only support I had was you which was taken away from me. Now the support of the walker is the only one which I have.

I am suffering from stage 4 bone cancer. My nights have been getting more & more painful now.

I didn't want to disturb you from your work. but as i am very near to my last breaths, i wanted to see you, hear you & share what I felt about you.

You were the most beautiful thing that happened in my & Esha,your mother's life.

I know I said that I was always going to love you, but today I am convinced that the only thing I love is the idea of what you could have been.

I only have to say that I had heard about you that you have been so successful in your work and it is the greatest gift you have given me. I am relally proud of you.

I don't know anymore that who I am in your life. that's why i chose a name Mr.A.

I really hope you are well. I send you a hug and a goodbye kiss, wherever you are. with hoping to see a beautiful face from lying on my bed with few last breaths, i am saying goodbye.

I don't know If i will be alive or not when you are reading this but I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU & i will always miss you & pray for your well being to God.

Take care.


With full of tears, Ruchi ran outside to find & meet her Dad.

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