The Silence That Spoke
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I went back to that abandoned place The city of my childhood

The Silence That Spoke

I went back to that abandoned place

The city of my childhood

There wasn't a soul there

Yet the city was alive

It was quite empty

Except a single fire that burned in the horizon

The fire didn't crackle

Yet there was a loudness to this place

It was odd

Something was amiss

I had expected a place full of warmth and life

Yet the grass of dilapidation did grow thick

I knew not how long I had been there

The flame seemed to be getting farther and farther away

Yet it burned just as bright

The place was getting louder and louder

The city was just as abandoned as ever

It had been quiet and empty

Yet it was getting louder

I had figured the oddity out

It was a silence that spoke

and in it I found what i had come back for,

the memories of my childhood ,from which i seeked solace

Yet they were not the same,

not as heartwarming as I had remembered

It was the silence that spoke

It was almost deafening

A coldness spread over the city

And I knew this was not where i belonged

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