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rishav Community member
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Was It all a lie?

WAS IT ALL A LIE?? My love was so sturdy, Larger than the sky The day you said,"I miss you." Was it all a lie? We had endless talks, Without blinking an eye The day you said,"I trust you." Was it all a lie? Always stood by you, Thought you were the person on whom I can rely The day you said,"I'm yours forever" Was it all a lie? Always made you laugh and smile, Promised myself never to make you cry The day you said,"I can't imagine my world without you." Was it all a lie? Did every possible efforts to make you stay, My heart still asks,but why? The day you said ,"My heart is safe with you" Was it all a lie? Loved you more than you can possibly imagine, Still waiting for your reply The day you said,"I will never leave you." Was it all a lie? ~RISHAV RAJ

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