6 Slides about Riley O'Neill
6 Slides about Riley O'Neill europe stories

rileymoQueer teen who loves to write poetry
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A little bit about me :)

6 Slides about Riley O'Neill

by rileymo

I grew up in Philadelphia PA.

Growing up here was interesting because The city was full of history.

In my spare time I Write or am with friends.

I initially got into this because I just love to write.

My proudest moment was when

I can see people succeed knowing I helped them to it..

My dream is to Become a movie maker.

I want this because I am passionate about it.

Now, I am a Student.

I am trying to make my way in the world even at a young age. .

I'm looking forward to Europe.

I'm excited about this because I get to go to europe with some great people.

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