Faulty. Riley Guiles.
Faulty. Riley Guiles. fault stories

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daily prompt about my reality. not my image.

Faulty. Riley Guiles.

When I was born, everything sounded fine.

Sure I pronounced certain words wrong but kids do that all the time.

They pronounce words based on what they think is normal.

They take after the adults.

When I was four, I went to three different preschools.

Finally my mother knew something was wrong

and so did the school.

"Learning disability. She needs special attention."

No, my mother said. She could count to ten at eighteen months.

Try again.

When I was five, they said genetic mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

I would need special accommodations to be able to hear like a normal person.

Hearing aids. Pediatric hearing aids that I would wear every day

for the rest of my life.

What does a child do with the information

that she would be faulty forever?

Why can't they just fix everything?

As I aged I grew used to them and realized that things are fine.

I just have a small difference.

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