Emotional. Riley Guiles.
Emotional. Riley Guiles. sadness stories

rileyguiles madly in love with the world
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sadness prompt. not my image.

Emotional. Riley Guiles.

I am emotional.

It is difficult to admit that to a world of cold.

It is difficult to admit that when all you feel is warmth.

Does the rest of the world think this planet so bleak

that they would rather put others down than bring others up?

Sadness loses its hold.

It's tight hold on the throat that you keep clawing at

with the sharpest talons

and yet no change comes by.

With the windy month on it's way

cherry blossoms will soon fly by houses, parks

office buildings, nursing homes

restaurants, other small businesses

and yet no change comes by.

Whoa, that was close.

You almost made me give up hope.

Not this time.

Not ever.

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