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Done in by a man in a cat suit...

Cat Suit

I guess it was the cats that did me in.

To be fair, it wasn't actually the cats. It was the psychos that worshiped them. Or perhaps they didn't? Perhaps they were some deranged cat society.

I'm not sure, and the cat man wasn't exactly helpful.

I still remember that man. That thing in the cat suit. Did I see his eyes behind the mask? Did I see anything of the human within? I don't think I did, and I don't think there was anything.

Anything besides the feline facade.

I was trying to sneak out of work with a bud. Stumbled upon something we shouldn't have. There was cat imagery everywhere, similar to the logo on the front of the building we worked at.

There was a difference, though; while the logo was friendly, these were...warped. The yellow cartoon cat's caricature just looked wrong, for no apparent reason.

There was something in the middle of that room. Something important, something I wish I could remember.

Perhaps it was a database, maybe it was an artifact...

Details tend to get hazy after you die.

Either way, as we were walking home, I noticed something tailing us.

Heh...what a pun that is.

I looked behind us. There was a man. A man in a cat suit, following us.

It was almost comical; he walked like an animation, his legs like rubber and a feline face always smiling.

In his hands - paws? - he held a gun, swung it around wildly as his entire body moved in ways it shouldn't.

He always walked just faster than us. He was always gaining on us at the same pace.

Two legs became four, the smile twisted and bent, plastered on plastic. If there was a human beneath the mess, it was not apparent.

He drew closer, closer, the cartoon cat filled my vision, the gun was brought about-and it passed me. Chased my friend down an alley.

Never saw him again.

That same night I was lying in bed. I don't know how I expected to sleep after that days events. Then again, perhaps I knew I wouldn't.

He brought a flashlight.

That stupid cat brought a flashlight, just so that I could see him before I died. He watched me, the white glow of the flashlight illuminating the feline features of the suit.

He waited, looking all the world like a cartoon. Perhaps he was.

I hated that he was the last thing I saw.

I hated that I was done in by a psycho in a cartoon cat suit.

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