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"I'm so bored!" I complain. "There's nothing to do!" My favorite servant, Damien, kneels before me and presents me with a tray of my favorite snacks, fried troll kidneys, poached goblin eyes, and even a few medium rare human hearts.

The King

"I'm so bored!" I complain. "There's nothing to do!"

My favorite servant, Damien, kneels before me and presents me with a tray of my favorite snacks, fried troll kidneys, poached goblin eyes, and even a few medium rare human hearts.

I take one of the hearts and pop it into my mouth, savoring the metallic taste of the bloody meat.

"My lord," he says "there is plenty to do if you wish. You could order a mass execution, or watch a torture session. We got a huge, fresh batch of human souls tonight."

I smile at that "Yes, I heard there was a 'natural disaster' of some sort, I'm glad" I laugh and take an eye from the tray, popping it in my mouth and sucking all of the juice out.

Once all of the juice is down my throat I spit out the slimy flesh onto the floor.


I turn and see Annaleese, my current concubine, walking quickly over to me, the claws on her feet making an annoying 'click click' sound on the marble floor.

"Why don't you play with me if you're so bored?" She pushes Damien to the floor and sits on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I reach up and thread my fingers through her hair and grip it tightly. In the blink of an eye I yank her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck.

Before she can react I pull out a small silver dagger and slit her throat, then I push her off and down on to the floor.

She convulses on the floor, weakly reaching up to her neck to try to staunch the blood spurting from her jugular. In this moment i don't think she's ever looked more beautiful.

Her red skin covered with patches of dark crimson, her black eyes getting dull, and the last gurgling breath before she finally shut up forever.

I turned to Damien and quickly made sure that he was alright before turning to the other three demons in the room. "Get rid of her and clean up this mess."

They quickly came over and picked her up, one grabbing her horns and dragging her out. The others got down and cleaned the blood up with their robes before leaving to change.

"I hate demon girls.

They always think that as soon as I take them to bed that they become my equal" I laugh spitefully and look down at my naked, blood splattered body "no one could ever be my equal.

I am the king. That's why I prefer men, especially you, Damien." I stand up and walk over to him and kneel in front of him, placing my hand under his chin making him look up into my eyes.

"You know that I'm in charge." I lean down and kiss him, hot and heavy. There's a knock at the door and I stand up, in all of my naked glory, to see the three demons re-entering my chambers.

"Damien! I wish to take a bath, get it ready for me."

He stands up and immediately dashes to the bathroom. I hear him start the water and immediately rush over to the three by the door.

I raise my arm and backhand the first one with enough force to send him halfway across the room into a table.

My other fist connects with the second demons face, crushing his cheekbone and a few teeth, and making him slam into the door, splintering the wood.

The last one tries to scurry back away from me, but I catch him by the throat and slam him into the wall, holding him there . He tries futilely to make me let go of him by clawing at my wrist.

I slam him back against the wall again and grip his throat tighter.


" I throw him down onto the floor, breaking his arm with the force of the fall. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

The three of them, each in their own worlds of agony, don't respond. I wave my hand and, using my magic, I lift them up and break their bones one by one.

Their cries of pain make me smile and once I think that they've had enough I throw them out through the door and close it behind them.

I look around at all of the damage that was caused and sigh 'I should have made them clean up before they left' I think, before using my magic to repair everything.

I stretch my arms above my head and lean back to crack my spine, before I walk to the bathroom and open the heavy black door. I step into the warm room and shut the door.

This is one of my favorite rooms, it's made completely of onyx, even the Roman bath that takes up more than half of the floor space.

The black stone reflects the light of the thousands of candles and makes the steam look like silver dust in the air.

Damien is pouring a few tinctures and potions into the bath.

"That should do, Damien. You may go rest now, in any way you wish." I say walking towards him slowly.

He smiles and takes off his robes and smiles slyly "then, my lord, I think I shall enjoy the bath with you. If that is alright?"

"Of course, I said 'any way you wish' did I not?"

He nods "indeed you did, my lord. Won't you get in first?" He bows humbly and motions for me to step in.

I walk right up beside him and pretend to get ready to get in, but instead I playfully grab him around the waist and toss him in, making water splash everywhere.

I laugh watching him surface trying to hide the grin on his face. I step in after him and sit down.

Damien creeps up in front of me and cups his hands in the water getting a good handful and throwing it right in my face. He laughs and tries to get away quickly but I reach out and grab him.

I hug him tightly to myself and we laugh together.

"Oh, you think that's funny, do you Damien?"

"Oh, no" he says sarcastically "I would /never/ think that something like that was funny." And before he can stop himself he bursts out with laughter.

"Oh yeah? Well try this!" Then I push his head down under the water and hold him under for a few seconds before letting him come back up.

He splutters and coughs, but he still has that beautiful smile on his face and his eyes sparkle with happiness.

Before I can stop myself I pull him into a kiss. He responds automatically and soon we're having to separate for air, resting our foreheads against the others.

We kiss each other again before getting out of the bath and drying off.

Damien pulls on his robes, and I make an outfit appear on me.

Before I can sit down there is a swift knock on the door. I motion for Damien to open it and he goes to the door, opening it and letting the demon in before coming back to my side.

He shifts from foot to foot eyeing the floor.

"What is it servant?" Then he looks at me and I can see the hatred in his eyes.

He straightens his back and shouts "WE WILL NO LONGER SERVE YOU!"

I laugh at him but he stands his ground. "Who is this 'We' that you speak of? I only see one puny demon with barely enough strength or magic to put a single hair out of place. What can you do?"

He turns around and about fifty demons, ghouls, and wizards come rushing in through the door. They all have a weapon of some sort, spears, swords, magic.

I stand up but before I can utter a single syllable they launch their attack.

The wizards immediately start chanting a soul destroying spell that's useless against me. The demons and ghouls at the front launch at me with their weapons ready.

I'm caught slightly off guard and get a scratch from a spear on my perfect cheek while dodging several other various weaponry.

I knock the weapons away while using a mental spell to disarm all of the rebels. They're shocked, but only stop for a split second. But a split second is all I need.

I punch three of the demons with one powerful swipe and kick the legs of some of the ghouls. The sound of breaking bone spurring me on to further mutilate these cretins.

I rip throats out and bite through any bone that comes close enough. I'm growing bored of this and mentally cast a spell of destruction.

They all, implode in an instant, demon and ghouls seemingly disappear mid-strike wizards cut off in the middle of spells.

I'm barely breathing heavy and I feel so good, the adrenaline pumping through me making me feel powerful.

I look around the room taking in the blood and carnage, then stop, my blood running cold. The breath leaves my lungs in a swift gust and my knees become weak.

I'm frozen on the spot, I can't-and don't want-to move because if I do then that'll mean that what I'm seeing is real.

Damien is on the floor, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, his body slowly flaking away. The soul destruction spell. It wasn't meant for me, it was meant for Damien.

Damien's soul is being erased right before my eyes, and I can't reverse it. I can't do anything.

My head is fuzzy I'm dizzy , and my eyes are welling up with tears, I can't even tell if he's completely dead yet.

But then he breathes. It's the tiniest of breaths, but I see it. I rush over falling hard on my knees beside him and scooping him into my arms.

My tears are falling freely now, down my face and onto Damien's soiled robes.

"Damien! No please i need you!"

Then Damien opens his eyes, and smiles, just a tiny upturn of his lips, and i sob in pain as my heart breaks.

"Damien, no. Please."

"I..." Damiens voice is small and can barely be heard "l-love you s..o mu-uch." Then he's gone, his eyes dull and his entire body turns to ash in his robes.

I tried to pick up the ashes, scooping them together and pulling them to me and holding onto them as if it would bring him back.

I cried for a long time, my wails could be heard all throughout Hell. I don't care, my heart hurts too much to care about my reputation.

I reached out and held onto one of the folds in the robe before whispering "Damien, I love you. You were my friend, my companion, my lover, and I don't know how I'm going to get by without you.

I need you with me, I'm so sorry that I didn't protect you. I love you so much."

Then I gingerly gathered all of the ashes and made an urn for them. The urn was made of onyx, and sealed with silver, with a painting of Damien.

I took all of Damien's things and had them put into my room, so that i could feel like Damien was still with me. It wasn't as good as having the real Damien, but at least i could pretend.

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