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There are a lot of things that can scare a person; spiders, the dark, monsters, even germs. But Jessie isn't scared of anything, not anymore, not after....that day. About two years ago:


There are a lot of things that can scare a person; spiders, the dark, monsters, even germs. But Jessie isn't scared of anything, not anymore, not after....that day.

About two years ago:

It was a really nice October night, chilly breeze, and clear skies.

The kind of night that makes you want to sit on the porch with a blanket and a cup of tea to just stare at the stars, and that's exactly what she did.

As she was taking a sip she heard her dog Samuel start barking loudly at the door.

Confused, she stood up and walked to the door to see if there was maybe a lizard that was upsetting him, he was somewhat skittish and afraid of everything.

However, upon finding nothing wrong she decided to just open the door and let him come out. "What's the matter big guy? Gotta go potty that badly?" She asked in her baby voice.

As soon as she had the door open wide enough he rushed out, nearly knocking her over in the process.

"Jesus Christ Sam! What IS it?" She shouted, but it was too late he was halfway across the yard heading into the forest.

"No! SAM COME BACK! You'll get lo-" she was cut off by a vicious snarl and then a loud yelp.

She didn't know what to do, she had never heard him snarl, but that was surely his voice, and so was that yelp.

She had only heard that yelp once before, back when Sam got bit by her grandmas pit bull.

She called his name, but received no answer, not even a whimper. Jessie shakily reached back for the door knob and ran inside to the kitchen.

She searched frantically through the drawers for a flashlight stopping only to look out of the window above the sink to see if maybe Sam would be out there in the yard.

But he wasn't, of course he wasn't. She resumed her search mentally cursing herself for not remembering which one she put it in.

Finally she found it, a heavy duty one that you see security guards use in movies, the kind that weighs like five pounds.

She quickly ran to the living room to retrieve the pistol she always kept there, fully loaded just in case of a break in.

Whatever had hurt Samuel, a fully grown golden retriever, must be big enough to hurt her as well.

As soon as she checked that the gun was loaded she ran back out onto the porch, but stopped herself at the top of herself.

"Ok jessie," she said to herself "stay calm, don't go running blindly into danger.

Breathe" she took a deep breath to steady herself, then clicked on the flashlight, shining it around the yard to make sure the coast was clear.

Once she was sure that there was nothing waiting for her she walked briskly to the edge of the woods and stopped. "Sam?" She called.

"Sam are you there sweety? Mommy's got some nice chicken waiting for you inside if you'll just say something." She waited for a few seconds, but there wasn't a sound.

Now that she listened closely, the only thing she could actually hear was the sound of her heart beat and her breathing. No bugs, no night birds, and especially no Sam.

"Sammy please baby just one bark that's all I'm asking for, come on!"

She was starting to shake, she knew whatever had happened, she wasn't seeing sam alive ever again. Tears started to well up in her eyes but she fought them, she had to find out what happened.

She ran the light around through the trees trying to keep to where she remembered Sam running in. It wasn't long before she found him or rather his corpse, and what had made him that way.

The creature gnawing on his ribs was like nothing she'd ever seen before. This thing was about four feet tall as far as she could tell with it bent over the way it was.

Its skin was greasy black and stretched over its body like it had been starved. It was shaped somewhat like a dog except it had human-like hands and razor sharp claws.

Not to mention the head, it was like a horses head except it opened like a dogs, opening wide to reveal sharp yellow teeth that crunched through bone like it was nothing.

She took a few seconds to try and process what she was seeing in front of her. Half of Sam was gone by now, not even the bones were left behind as this thing tore into him.

But the thing was slowing down, chewing more carefully she noticed, 'probably getting full' she thought.

She shook her head and raised her gun pointing it at the things head, she pulled back the hammer making a soft 'click' as it went into place.

That startled the thing and it whirled around to stare at her. It saw her and growled, low and warning.

Her hands were shaking, the things eyes looked just like Sam's, shimmery black and full of life. Well that's what they had looked like before this thing got ahold of him.

That made her angrier, how dare this thing take her best friend and then have the nerve to remind her of him.

How dare it growl at her like she had done something wrong when it was the one at fault.

Her finger tightened on the trigger, but before she could pull it the thing stiffened and looked further into the woods.

It gave a sort of high pitched whine and swung its head back toward her, it lunged for her taking her off guard.

She screamed and tried to jump back, but the thing had grabbed her jacket sleeve and was pulling her towards the edge of the woods, back to her house.

'Wait,' she thought. 'It isn't hurting me.

What's going on? What does this monster want with me?' She looked back over her shoulder to where the beast had looked and saw the smallest pinprick of light from a flashlight far away.

She looked quickly down at the thing and back up to her house as they broke through the tree line. It let go of her sleeve leaving rips and bloody slobber all over the cuff.

It went behind her and pushed her forward with its head towards her door.

"What? What are you doing? What are you?" She almost yelled taking slow steps up the stairs.

The thing of course couldn't answer or understand her words but kept pressing her forward.

Once she was at the top of the stairs she whirled around and pointed the gun at it once again, getting ready to shoot.

It gave a half bark half wheeze that sounded like pleading, but she wouldn't be swayed, this was a monster and it had to be killed before it killed anyone else.

But again her shot was interrupted, but this time from a shout at the treeline "I FOUND IT"

She looked up startled. A man about a foot taller than her stepped out into the beam of her flashlight that she forgot she was even carrying.

He was built like a house, he could probably crush her skull without even breaking a sweat. He had light brown hair and a beard. He looked dangerous.

The thing swung back around and growled loudly, savagely unlike before when it just meant it to keep her away from its meal. 'Sam' she thought and felt a wave of sadness.

But this growl was something different, it wasn't a warning it was a threat, this man was going to get hurt no matter what.

Two more men stepped out of the woods smiling at the thing wickedly they weren't as big as the first man, but just as dangerous looking.

One of them looked up at her and his smile turned even more sinister "hey look Logan," he said not taking his eyes off of her. "We have a witness, we can't leave witnesses can we?"

"No we can't James" the first man -Logan- chuckled.

Now she knew that she was going to die, either by the monster or these men, and she couldn't decide which would have been worse.

"Hey, maybe after we kill her we can feed her to it. It hasn't eaten in a week or two and I'm not done with it yet." The unnamed man said eyeing Jessie up and down.

Her knees started to shake and she trued her best to put together what they were saying.

'They had this thing, and were starving it, no wonder it went after Sam like it did, but I still can't forgive it.

What were they doing with it? Were they hurting it? Even if it is a monster nothing deserves that' she thought to herself.

But the monster itself broke her thought process by running faster than Jessie had ever seen an animal run, straight toward Logan.

It had its mouth open as it jumped at his throat and clamped down, tearing through almost effortlessly, crunching through the bones.

They both landed on the ground hard, but only the monster got back up.

Logan was twitching with his head a few feet away from his body. As Jessie was watching this the other two men drew their own guns, glocks if she remembered correctly.

Seeing theirs made her think of her own, it was amazing what slipped your mind in times of panic.

She couldn't let these men do whatever they wanted, especially since that seemed to include killing her too.

So she aimed her pistol and shot no name in the chest as the monster ripped off James' head.

They went down at the same time but the guy she shot was still holding on by a thread, holding his chest.

She ran to him and pointed her gun at him "before you die" she said "tell me what that is".

He coughed and gurgled before saying "it's a monster, it escaped after breaking the cage we had it in."

"Where did it come from?" She insisted.

"We found it" he said weakly "months ago in the woods and we trapped it. It's a monster, just look at it, it isn't natural" he coughed one last time before he stopped breathing.

She looked over at the thing, it was sitting in the grass looking at her curiously. It did look like a monster and it did kill, but she couldn't find any malice in its stare.

It was like a regular dog, only hurting others when it needed to.

As upset as she was about it killing Sam, she couldn't place any real blame on it. She looked down at the threw bodies then back at the monster.

"I hope you eat humans, because you're going g to have to get rid of this" she said, mentally thanking God that she didn't have any neighbors.

The beast looked at her then laid it's head on its arms and closed its eyes. Jessie decided to just go back inside and sleep, maybe when she woke up this would all have been a dream.

Of course that was all two years ago and Jessie isn't afraid of anything, of course neither would you if you had that beast for a pet.

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