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One chapter from my short story collection iv been working on. Soon to be a full book of tales and twisting endings.

All together in the world of my book titled: Normal Doesn't Exists

spider bites

Chapter 3


A sound right before a gooey mess of hairy legs twitch one last time, as guts mush out and beady eyes fall in the darkness to a cruel fate.

"Gross, that's the fifth one today.

Why do these ugly creepy crawlies keep coming into my room? When will they realize I don't want their disgusting presence around me?

" Calling down the stairs, in a sassy tone still filled with annoyance she called out to her mom. "Mom, don't let spiders in the house. Kill the good for nothing bugs.

They are a waste of oxygen on this world." A small sigh comes from the mother before she calls back.

"I try to tell you to just let them out outside or capture it to release later on, but if it bothers you that much, I will Willow."

Smiling to herself, happy that her mom finally understands how much she hates the worthless abominations, lays back and talks to herself in a cocky tone,

" finally no more gross spiders to bother me."

The room go

es quiet as the young girl put on her headphones drowning out the world along with the unknowing scratches and whispers that crept into the room.

Humming to herself as the song plays through her headphones she relaxed in her bed, the soft blanket cradling her body.

The sky darkened outside and the wind blew harsh guest, trees swayed to the winds will.

An old tree outside the girls window taped and scraped against the glass and black spots appeared on it staining it in patches like splattered bugs.

Bleary shadows dart across the floor crawling under the bed in a flash as other figures peer out from cracks and cressives in the room,

every minute or so then steadily picks up to the quite ticks of the bedroom clock hung upon the wall.

As time goes by, the once pure white carpet that surrounded her bed turns pitch black and moves like ocean waves.

Slowly red, eerie spots appear glowing in a sea of darkness that engulfed the room within minutes. An impossible anger that no one could sooth it was too late for the girl.

Rage was blistering and boiled to a point of no return.

Only sweet, succulent revenge could satisfy them now.

The darkness erupted in a flash, as if like lightning that strikes the ground swiftly unbending to the forces that lay in its way,

swarming the bed within seconds spiders covered her and bit the girl all over, thousands of bites covers every inch of her body,

green goo leaks in pusie globs from the fans as its pump into her body at each bite. She screamed only once, then everything was dark.

"Let's see how you like it."

"Honey, what's wrong?"

Going up the stairs her mother arrives at the door and opening it slowly she enters the room. Looking at the bed as if waiting for her daughter to speak.

"Mom, there were disgusting spiders everywhere. They bit me all over."

Her mom looks at her, emotionlessly, and gives a heavy sigh as she rolls up the newspaper she had tucked underneath her arm. "No wonder she screamed.

" She raised the newspaper up and swung it down in one quick movement.


Willow was no more.

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