Nightmare Workshop
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riddlester_true I love poems that challenge the mind
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A poem that warps the mind and leaves you alone to think what Nightmare Workshop has in-store leaving you wanting more.

Nightmare Workshop

Venturing on Horror Lane late at night is very dangerous, especially at this time. You don't know me but we have already meet at one time or another. You seem scared.

I can tell by your pale skin glowing in the moonlight and the tremble of your heart beating in your chest. Step in here. There is nothing to fear. Shoving you fast and quick.

Be ready to experience your end sweet dear.

You fear me like the night all the horrors your mind wishes to hide. Am I crazy or just twisted like a sour lime.

Nightmare workshop is where I reside the inky darkness creeping from the back of your mind. Whispers faint that sends a chill up your spine no one hears because its from your own mind.

Madness of death creeping up your side plunging into your eyes. Blood and guts cover the floor all you see is death an' gore.

Disturbing signs and cliffs up high maggots eating out your eyes. Twisted back, legs all bent, eating bits of rotten meat.

Nightmare workshop filled with terror and fear like spiders crawling in your ears. Small cuts along your arm squirming up inky black blood.

Feeds the fear on the inside, it wales sounds of terror to the core.

Open your eyes an' jump up right. Gasping out looking around sweat falling down.

You never left your bed everything was in your head. Nightmare workshop is real within the mind trapping me in my madness of a life, wishing for dark demises.

Escape is false through our eyes no matter how hard you try because you can't escape your own mind.

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