Jerboa song
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riddlester_true I love poems that challenge the mind
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A little child's song that was for a class of mine hope you enjoy

Jerboa song

Jerboa, Jerboa hop on over and say hello. Whisker twitch, tail flick watching over blood stained cliffs. Tippy toe as I go following my sweet Jerboa along the edge close to death.

Let's sing this song till our last breath has left.

Jerboa small and kind you watch all our endless time, into the flowers filled with some of the loveliest lies only children can find.

Oh as we watch the day go by you hear the soft breeze carry away the lies, up into the sky as tears fill up soulless eyes.

Oh yes Jerboa can you see the bright colors I leak and bleed, softly down my fingertips like a canvas left in the rain, colors gush out pouring from the mouth,

as everything fades away turning slowly into gray.

Hoping to go away with you someday, wishing to be happy with you as we go along the autumn covered way.

Can I hold you close? So then I won't feel so alone.

Little Jerboa you're all I have left, so please be so kind and stay with me just a little longer this time.

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