Dead-filled love song
Dead-filled love song   love stories

riddlester_true I love poems that challenge the mind
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A love song that makes you think whats the price of love?

Dead-filled love song

Ha ha ha! Yes come alive my creature for it is time for the world to see your grate design.


Yes, one night there lies a man in the cover of the dark looking for someone to spark his heart before it broke apart.

Oh, he searched high and low! Side to side! But there was nothing to find.

Out of luck with a broken heart deep inside, he had nothing left to lose for what he was about to choose!

Digging down deep below he brought up a corpse that was rotten to the bone.

Holding her close as spiders leaked out the teeth. He asked for her hand under the moon in the night insanity deep within his eyes.

A voice spoke out sweet as cockroaches

bleed out the corpses knee.

"Dear come be with me I'll be your wife 'till the end of time"

Shocked yet happy to see he smiled happily following her down into the grave as moonlight begins to fade.

Then crunch! The grave snapped shut closing up as the man lies there dead and crazy in the head.

Everything cost a price and love was his life! yeah...

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