Cat taps/part one
Cat taps/part one scary stories

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how does playing a cute game with your cat lead to a grim demise find out as you read.

Cat taps/part one

"Meet Milo everyone, he is my cute little baby boy. He loves to nap in the sun on warm days, right by the window where the sunlight is just right."

"He can be picky but is a lovable tabby cat"

Giggling came out as the video ran.

"And we always play our favorite game each day its cat high five!"

Getting into the view of the camera ally happly flops into the bed with milo on her lap.

He was a chubby cat, his chest pure whight whale streaks of orange and weight mix together down the rest of his body.

Ally wiggles his little paw at the camera smiling.

His paws were stuby yes milo was a short fluffy cat that happily went along with being ally's little playmate making her smile so bright it shines like the sun.

Milo meowed out cheerful as his paw was moved by ally, making a happy cat face right before the video was shut off.

Downstairs ally's mom called up

"Ally! Bedtime you and milo need to start going to dreamland"

Bouncing off the bed she giggled and said back.

"Okay mom milo and I are going to bed now night night!"

Ally scops up milo cuddling him close and gets in bed, as the cat purrs cradled by her arms. She tucks herself in and pats milo and reaches out her hand.

"Cat high five"

Milo reached out his paw and taped it against ally's hand. Milo did five taps just like every other night before meowing and curling up.

Ally smiled at milo before drifting off to sleep.

No one knows how much time had passed, ally was awoken to a sound.

What could it be nothing ever woke up ally she always found a way to sleep through sounds.

Letting her ears adjust the sound became more known, it was a low rumble that changed a bit every so often. It was milo growling at a teddy bard that sat right at the foot of ally's bed.

"Milo it's just teddy don't worry i love you more silly cat."

Milo got louder as he growled and moved closer to ally's face slowly never taking his eyes off the teddy bear.

"Milo stop your not acting like yourself."

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