Blooming love
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A poem that tugs on the strings of the heart read and feel love that makes magic.

Blooming love

Love is mysterious. It's like a stream of water; never held down to one path, it flows. Twist and turns, always changing. Be it time or just a light touch to it's endless melancholy.

Here is my poem of love in the words formed by heart, and my eyes that view it like the stars above.

Love can be almost anything. It's all around us, even now. As a flower in bloom, only the beholder may choose.

Shut it out or lock the bud away, surely it will decay.

Fill it with hate, and let the toxins fume. A snarling beast with thorns an' sharp teeth may bloom.

All these flowers I have seen once before, yet let me tell of a flower in June that helped me find my special bloom.

One summer day, my view dark an' gloom. Then came along a flower known all too well.

Bruised petals, broken leaves. Scars showing deepening pain.

So different, yet the same. Both feel internal pain.

Like a spark, a fire was lit. Flames of love consumed our hearts.

The world was still, and time had stopped. All we did was talk. You patched me up as so did I. We fixed each other that late summer.

Blissful times and heartfelt cries. Together each day just you an' I.

My heart flutters and flips. The warmth I feel from the smile on your lips.

Loving touches, soft like the sun. Safe and secure in your embrace like sweet sun-rays.

We bloom together, glowing in love. You complete me every single way.

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