Omnipresent(A symbol of waiting) Episode 2
Omnipresent(A symbol of waiting) Episode 2 love stories

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A girl with long hair but act like tomboy coming in class and say hello to everyone and all the student were shocked...... Who was she and after that what happened to Eliza wait for next episode

Omnipresent(A symbol of waiting) Episode 2

When Eliza arrived at school. She waited at school's garden for her friend Hayes but he did not show up so she had to leave for class.

At the time of attendance she wanted to know what happen with Hayes and why he was absent but she did not get any clue. Finally she asked her classmates but they also did not know.

Hayes was so punctual guy he loved studies and never missed any class so what happened to him? (Eliza thought).

After school Eliza decided to go Hayes home. She rung the door bell but no body opened the gate. She waited for a while and leaved.

Next day the same thing happened, Hayes did not come to school and this time Eliza patient had over and she asked to her teacher.

As she was very shy and timid girl so she asked in shuddered voice. Teacher do you know why Hayes did not come to school. Teacher replied Hayes leaved his house.

Eliza was shocked and suddenly replied What! her eyes were widely opened. Teacher said he was lived on rent with his parents.

Eliza asked why he leaved? Teacher replied in irritated way, I do not know, do not ask such stupid questions and go back to your seat.

Eliza felt very bad that Hayes did not even told her that he was leaving and here is the first chapter has closed.

After few days Eliza's classmates talking about that a new girl is come into our class and she is so rude and bully,

some kind of tomboy and suddenly Eliza saw a new girl which was coming toward her.

To be continue.....

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