Realm Jumper
Realm Jumper superhero-2018 stories
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A superhero origin.
For the superhero origin contest.

By: Me, Rickyrocks4ever

Realm Jumper

by Me, Rickyrocks4ever

Where am I? I think these words in my head over and over again. “Who are you”, says a voice. “I’m Lia Longue”, I say, “that’s all I remember, that’s all I know.

” I wonder where I’m from and what I liked to do but everything is faded since the accident. I don’t know how I got to this strange place in this strange chair that has locks all around me.

I breathe slowly, not knowing what to think and what to do. The voice speaks again, “Lia you aren’t existing anymore, you are not real.” I don’t understand what that means but I remain silent.

The voice continues, “this means you live in two worlds at the same time, two realms, two universes.”

“I don’t understand”, I say.

The voice responds, you can switch worlds whenever you want, you can disappear from one and go to the other.

You have the power to bend the two worlds in any way you want and that’s why the SBI, Strange Beings Investigation,

has decided to lock you up in a high security prison and we have changed your name to Bender Girl.” As the voice stops a man enters the room. He walks up to me and smiles a wicked smile.

He pulls a needle out of his pocket and dips it in some strange liquid. Before I know it the needle is digging into my skin and the man fades away as everything turns to black

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