Dream Walker
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rickyrocks4ever I want to become a great writer
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For the dream competition
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By: me, rickyrocks4ever

Dream Walker

by me, rickyrocks4ever

I walk through the forest of wonder, not knowing how lost I may get

I see a butterfly of colours so great but thats not the best yet

I skip, run and jump through the green meadow

My journey still has more time to go

I see the bad and I start to cry

But when I see good I say hi

I see strange creatures

With distinguishing features

I become a tree

I become a bee

I climb and fall but have no pain

I have so many powers to gain

Im made the queen

The last one was mean

I become bad

All this is sad

I awake in my bed

With a sore head

And I think of this dream that was crazy

I realize I have work, Ive been too lazy

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