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rickrhymez Community member
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I want that love.. Where I'm constantly..

That Love.

I want that love..

Where I'm constantly..

Thinking of you ..thinking of me..

Thinking of we..

Of what we see..

Whether that'll be..

Us together for eternity..

I want that love..

Where my favorite thing to think of..

Is the sweet sound..of your name..

When our last names..

Are finally the same..

That love where I can't contain..

Can't refrain..

From trying to explain all the gain..

It get from it's existence..

Yeah that love worth the persistence..

That love where..

It keeps me warm..

Covers me..

Physically , mentally..

That love where..

It doesn't matter to me

whether or not this love has trajectory..

That love where..

The future is unknown..

I don't know where it's headed..

Whether or not we'll wed..

But somehow...that doesn't matter..

I'm ok not knowing if I'll ever hear our children's pitter patter..

That love where..

Your smile brings me back to the day we first met..

And makes me realize I had no idea how lucky I'd get..

That love where..

All instances..

Of me feeling blue..

Are taken away..

By the thought of you...

That love where..

Chocolates and flowers..

Cards and notes..are the least I could do..

That love where..

I'm not normally conceited..

But your happiness being with me..

Makes my head inflate for all eyes to see..

That love where..

My favorite version of me..

Is who I am with you..

That love where..

my view of the world is changed..

Becomes clear..

That love where..

I'm just happier when you're near..

That love where..i could call the feeling my heaven on earth..

And be sure I don't have to tangle in the concept of rebirth to find my angel..

That love where..

Your smile stops the world..

Turns night to day..

That love where..

I love you..

Is the least I could say.

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