40 Days
40 Days

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rickrehm Community member
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How have you dealt with these last 40 days?

40 Days

What’s in a number, if a number has no say? Could it be silent, could it be loud, these past 40 days? A daze, a haze, maybe praise.... or is there no trustworthy phrase to describe these past 40 days

Open. Close. No one really knows Busy. Bored. No feelings can be ignored Have Hope. Plenty Peace. What’s your view? False truth. True Lies. One could argue

Troubled times, why do you come so fast yet you make your home in our lives last and last? So how long is long or how short is quick? 40 days, 40 nights, it’s yours to pick

The clear air we breathe, we can surely see could it be the world is free as are we to some degree? And we rested while our hearts resurrected minds reflected and we elected to take one day at a time, as so directed

Noah sailed. Moses Stayed. Could it be, after all this time, as simple as just 40 days. Lent lasted as long as Jesus fasted and He prayed so is that our answer, for these last 40 days?

Your choice, but choose wisely my friend because one day this will start over, yet come to an end Be Bold. Be Strong they all say. Sometimes....just sometimes it’s not so easy, along this long way

Doubt and Fear for you always seem near and here yet my mind seems calm, pleasant, and perfectly clear. For soon this will seize as we fall to our knees for He who holds the keys will soon unlock this great mystery

40 days will come and 40 days will go how will you remember the 40 days of long ago? As these 40 days end they will begin again so be certain and remember when and how you made it through them.

What’s in a number, for 40 means change 2020 is now, and together, is the same So, hold on tight with might victory you will claim be steadfast, courageous, and hope will remain!

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