I know her Now I’ve seen Her Naked
          I know her Now 
      I’ve seen Her Naked 
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Just because you’ve seen her with her clothes off doesn’t mean you’ve seen her naked

I know her Now I’ve seen Her Naked

Just because she took her clothes off and showed me bearskin I still had refused To say I saw her naked, before Anything I first had to find more about her I had to see the real Her I studied her And I learned her All because I read a book I once found. I took the time to open it up and Read Her.

Breaks her heart: When she sees her family members hurting or to see animals hurting, to see neglection, being lied to, miss-treated, to let her down.!Her heart is pure so kind she will do what she can for the ones in her life She will show you the perfect kind of love as family related, a friendship or last but not least being her partner her love comes in many ways. Self conscience also breaks her heart. working out gets her even more sexy and that is her summer goal so if she ain’t working out she’ll feel uncomfortable Sad and hurt She’ll be heartbroken if she don’t feel sexy enough & in her words “Forrealios”

Dreams: Her dreams are 80% at the beach a beautiful beach and those dreams come often, it’s only because that’s where she belongs and that’s where she’d want to be. She’ll dream Mexico being in Mexico visiting family going on adventures eating good food and she dreams this when she starts to miss it.

Passionate Hula hooping She’s very passionate about her job passionate about being a great mother to the best extent and best as possible passionate about her body sex appeal passionate when it comes down to loving passionate On Becoming One Hell Of A Barber A Greater One.

Child Hood She had difficult times like many she didn’t like school, her character was random based on her surroundings. When she would get in trouble at school it’s like she always knew what she was doing her escape to get away knowing mom would pick her up and take her to work she wasn’t in much trouble and still got her earnings from working. She would love going with here dad and loved when he would take her to the store she’d get whatever she wanted.Her childhood was promiscuous and pretty interesting

What makes her cry The feeling she gets when she’s been away from her son when she sacrifices long work hours to support as a single mother she gets hurt with her sons father isn’t putting effort to as a dad to be there for their child to see that her son at times misses him. The storyteller the one who read the book,the one who put this together, the one who read Judith & understood her, The one who loves her. I have also brought tears from her eyes and down her face I’ve made her cry not meaning to but by learning her. I know now what not to do & I know now what to do so I’ll never have her shed another tear.

I’ve seen her skin I’ve touched her body I found her out I’ve taken the time to open this book up I held on tight I had it around reading as I go and read all about This beautiful woman I found.

To really understand I had to reread paragraphs & So I did Until I understood her more. I figured her out as I kept reading I learned more about this beautiful person & as it went on I learned what type of personality she has along with her funny cool awesome Character. Another thing is I’ve also learned off of her just by opening A book I once found.

Just because her clothes were off doesn’t mean I saw her naked just because the cover of the book was off doesn’t mean I saw the book naked.

To open it up to see all the pages read it understand it to see all of her to be able to say that I know her now it’s amazing.

I fell deeply in love with this book I found. PS; there is much more little detail which is really considered a big thing. I can keep going on about this amazing woman, as more chapters will continue I will also continue to read her until the end of time. I love this amazing woman In love with Judith.

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