A Parting of Ways
A Parting of Ways love stories

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For the hearts that have pieced itself from its pieces.

A Parting of Ways

Pain sprung when he told you it was over

Deep pain, so you refused to stay sober

It was out of instantaneous rage

His heart was not meant to stay in a cage

He left to be free from his emotions

All while she gulped down hypnotic potions

He hoped that things would get back together

Old love, he even wrote you a letter

Chase you around as fast as a cheetah

Deep inside he wished he had amnesia

She was wasted with friends he's never seen

She was doing things her heart did not mean

Trying to win you back but had no chance

He wonders if you took a second glance

Sent "it's time to move on with our lives" text

Both had no idea what would happen next

Time past and he hears that you go out more

Drinking, clubbing, dancing and large uproar

No regrets when he broke your tender heart

Time was only waiting for us to part

Seen you at church once, all he did was peep

He realized you were not his to keep

Seeing you there was nothing that he lost

Does loving someone always have a cost?

Loving self, he learned to love, help and give

He's grateful for this, now it's time to live!

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