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I'm just a writer

by rialynbay

I'm just a writer that got lost along the way

so caught up with opinions, with pleasing, and with doing things that I don't love

I'm just a writer who had so many doubts

"You're very imaginative.", they said. "You're going to publish a book? Haha how cute," they laughed

I'm just a writer who found courage

Courage to face those who told me that I couldn't and tell them that it didn't matter what they said. No one is going to stop me from writing. Courage to tell those idiots that enough was enough.

I'm just a writer with a couple of 'lightbulb' moments

Moments so bright that I sometimes can't sit still until those ideas are on paper

I'm just a writer who tried

I wrote a couple of chapters and got people to read them and I never looked back since.

I'm just a writer

I create worlds, let you meet new people and feel things that you don't ant to feel. I do all these because I'm a writer

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