Visiting Grandma...

Visiting Grandma... not-as-planned stories

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A failed visit to Grandma's place. Hope you enjoy. Show your support. Thanks!

Visiting Grandma...

I think about that day,

I think about that day, Should have been okay,

For all I wanted was to surprise.

Go to grandma's farm,

Go to grandma's farm, Around her, put my arm,

And kiss her on the cheek thrice.

Little did I know,

Little did I know, Grandma got bored,

And decided to take a little hike.

Packed up her bags,

Packed up her bags, Threw out the trash,

And came to visit me on her bike.

Standing with my bags four,

Standing with my bags four, Waiting at her door,

Hoping to be received.

Grandma calls my phone,

Grandma calls my phone, Tells me she's at my home,

And my little plan had me deceived.

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