Chasing Dream
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Dream. It's an interesting name. That's why I feel a strong bond with it, and the girl of course...

Chasing Dream

by rheastories

I was closing her down; I'd never get close enough for us to touch though. Dream was like that. Always running and adventuring.

So close yet so far...

I feel she has always been playing games with my emotions...

But I can't help that I feel this way...

We're running up a hill now, slowly forming into a mountain...

It was the first place on her bucket list, the one I saw on the day I met her...

Dream has changed my life...I'm going to support her through hers.

We kept running up this mountain...Neverending...

"I'm gonna catch you " I shouted!

She stopped and turned back to face me...then she smiled her pearl white smile...

I caught up with her and we walked up the last climb together.

We'd made it, We'd completed goal 1.

I held her hands in mine and gently placed my lips on hers for the first time.

There we were.

On top of a mountain kissing for the first time..

That moment in time stuck in my mind forever. That's where I wanted it.

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