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rginatsang My first time in writing. Wanted to impr
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Loving you Loving you it was powerful and amazing

loving you

Loving you it was powerful and amazing

Loving you it was wild and free

It made me so alive so happy

You were the reason, my reason

I should know something

That you already knew it

You made it in a perfect beautiful lies

And I believed it

Loving you I thought it would be high

I gave, and you took it all I have

You tight me to hide you’re inner demon

But your eyes are ready to hit me

Too late, you committed the murder

But why I couldn't hate you

For what you have done

You gave me a last kiss, and you left me

In the broken me

Loving you it was dumb and dark

Loving you it was insecure and scared

I didn't know loving you had consequences.

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