Orphaned: Chapter 2: Truths Revealed
Orphaned: Chapter 2: Truths Revealed orphaned stories

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Orphaned: Chapter 2: Truths Revealed

Once in the Great Hall, the only thing Luna focused on was the sky (me: Luna means moon, so I shall make her HATE Artemis JK [Rowling, eh?] tho hehe) ceiling thingy majehgar.

Professor McGonagall gave the first years some stupid speech that was probably important in someway or another,

but Luna didn’t listen (because shes fucking ADHD for the dim witted dolts who didn’t realize that you idiots jk I love everyone who was like oh look another stupid fanfic to waste my time

but you actually read it because you love me and my stupid and somewhat idiotic fanfics... anyway after that sappy little whatever-you-call-it back to the story).

Fucking finally, Professor McGonagall called her name.

“Luna Jackson-Chase (Italy Dare is her middle name k idiots McGonagall didn’t say Harry James potter she said omigosh potter can I have an autograph jk she

said Harry Potter I totally tricked you right Yeah).”

Luna walked up and sat on the stool, and the hat was placed on her head.

‘Demiwitch, eh? Let’s see... let down your walls, girl!’ The hat snapped and she did. ‘Good. Now...

no relatives, eh?

Mum died of suicidal drowning, dad of lightning, grandmother of old age, aunt of heart attack, step-grandfather of cancer (aka Percy: lightning, Annabeth: suicidal drowning, Sally: old age,

Paul: cancer, Estelle: heart attack/monster). Abusive adoptive parents, la la la la la what a happy life! I’ll put you in...


He yelled the last word (I know I’m putting all of percabeths children in there but I have two reasons: it’s my favorite house and because I think Annabeth would be the

more lesson-teaching parent).

Luna half-sulked, half-tripped, to the Ravenclaw table, tears running down her cheeks.

Estelle faced three dacanae, two empousai, five skeletons, and the Minotaur with no weapon. She backed against the wall, called for help from anyone, any demigod. But no one came.

She was trapped in an alley with eleven monsters, alone, just because her brother was a son or the Big Three.

“Fuck you, brother! When you’re crying at my funeral remember YOU brought this upon YOURSELF!” She cried before a skeleton came forward and slit her throat.

She never spoke again.

Paul was in a hospital bed, gripping Sally’s hand. Grief mixed with sickness in the already thick with sadness air as a nurse brought news of their daughter’s death.

“It can’t be...” he sobbed, and he swore to himself he would honor her best he could.

But that moment, a doctor came in with a clipboard, test results in his hand. He blabbered on and on, but the old married couple were not only blinded but also deafened with grief.

Turns out, Paul never got to fulfill his promise.

“Luna, like the moon,” Percy smiled, “for Zoe.”

It was sweet, but Annabeth made a different connection. Luna, like the moonlace flowers in Percy’s windowsill, for Calypso.

“Whats her middle name gonna be? Italy? Oh, and let’s change our last names to Dare as well!”

But, as usual, Seaweed Brain didn’t understand. “What do you mean?” He asked her.

She rolled her eyes, waving it off. “Never mind.”

But moments later, thunder shook the building as lightning burst through the roof and hit Percy, leaving him in a charred heap on the ground.

He stayed that way.

Sally had just finished dinner when she decided to lie down on the couch, maybe take a nap.

She had been expecting nightmares, ever since Estelle’s death they were as frequent to her as they were to demigods.

Instead, she was greeted by eternal darkness.

Annabeth loved the feel of sand in her toes, of waves lapping at her body, changing from warm to cold. But it just wasn’t the same without Percy. She did what she had come there to do:

She flung herself into the water, thought of having Percy back again...

This time, the sea didn’t spit her to the surface.

A/N The next chapte is ‘Ravenclaw Tower’, hope you enjoy! -Reypollo

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