No Hard Feelings
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reypollo I'm only here for the PJO and HP fanfic.
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This is a pjo fan fiction mashed into the tender theme, I guess?

No Hard Feelings

Gwen was the granddaughter of Nemesis on her Dad’s side, and Nyx on her Mom’s. Nemesis of the Night, they call her.

At the moment, she didn’t feel as strong as they made her out to be, but she had to act like it.

She walked with the rest of the Nyx Cabin to the Dining Pavilion, with swagger in her step, confidence exuding from her.

After dinner and the campfire, Gwen changed into her robes. She grabbed her scythe and axe and moved towards the forest.

Her job was to cut down the trees of dead dryads while there were no children there to run in between.

After she cut down a tree, a wisp of light would lead her to the dryad’s killer.

“Aviva?” Gwen gasped. Her best friend, daughter of Hermes, had an ax, a few daggers, and a blood soaked sword splayed out next to her.

She wasn’t dead, but she barely breathed.

“You mustn’t do the job of revenge for me. All of them, Gwen, all of them will lead you here!” She cried.

Gwen didn’t want to, but Nemesis forced her to.

“No hard feelings?” She asked hopefully, raising her scythe.

“No hard feelings.” Aviva agreed weakly.

Gwen cried as she plunged the scythe into her best friend’s heart.

And when Aviva was dead, Gwen withered and fell next to her best friend.

Life is tender.

Love is tender.

Friendship is tender.


A/N I think I might use this OC idea, but I don’t know if I want the fan fiction to be called ‘Nemesis of the Night’ or ‘Emotionless.’ Let me know what you think!

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