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This is how Rachel REALLY feels!

I wish...

Rachel couldn’t help laughing at that. Percy still craved celery? It had been so long!

Then again, Rachel still wanted HIM, so she couldn’t really talk.

About that.

Unfortunately, she COULD talk of the future, which left her to be a maiden forever. That meant... no Percy.

Plus, he was Annabeth’s. Rachel couldn’t take him away from one of her best friends.

But, the way he laughed, that crooked smile, his sparkling eyes that looked like the ocean... Rachel could hardly look at him without her heart fluttering.

“Seaweed Brain, you dolt! LISTEN to Chiron, Kelp Head!” Annabeth scolded him, and Rachel and Percy laughed together, but one of Annabeth’s ultra glares silenced both of them.

“Okay, Wise Girl, calm down!” Percy laughed.

“That’s a really bad nickname, y’know.” Rachel informed him.

He faked a look of hurt, but everyone knew he didn’t mean it.

The meeting was over, and Rachel followed Percy and Annabeth our of the Bog House.

They were having an argument of some sort, and Percy was going on a rant.

Rachel rolled her eyes. ‘Mental note: don’t get in an argument with Percy.’

Annabeth kissed him to shut him up, and Rachel felt something inside her break.

She was an Oracle.

And she knew they were meant to be.

But it still hurt.

Longing hurt.

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