Hunters at High School-Chapter 2: School Begins
Hunters at High School-Chapter 2: School Begins hunters of artemis stories

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Hunters at High School-Chapter 2: School Begins

A/N I’m just gonna make up a high school in New York City. Also, I’m in elementary school, so I don’t know what high school is like. If you dislike anything, please let me know!

The Hunters of Artemis arrived at ‘Ginnhagave School for Grades 8-12.’

“Am I the only one who’s really, like REALLY nervous?” Hunter (a hunter named Hunter) asked.

“Nope.” Thalia answered, fiddling with her jewelry.

“Definitely not, I was last in school when I was thirteen.” Febe shrugged.

“I’m scared.” Phoebe admitted.

“Why?” Thalia asked.

“When I was fourteen, my Mom sent me to this school. It was full of REALLY mean, REALLY flirty guys.” Phoebe admitted.

“Oh Artemis, why this school?” Thalia muttered.y

A/N I know that grades eight through twelve isn’t accurate, but there’s such a large array of Hunters at different ages, it’s mostly thirteen through fourteen, though Thalia is fifteen and that’s an example.

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