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This probably isn’t funny to you guys, but it is to me.

Dream park

A/N can someone please create this park?

The park was empty, except for me. I went forward to the first ride: ‘Howler Hockey.’

I boarded the ride and it started. A thrill traveled through my muscles as the cart ascended up the first hill. Below me, wolves howled and tore apart prey in front of my very eyes.

I laughed in amusement.

My cart descended rapidly, and the wolves realized that there was a hostile human on their territory.

But, before they could get to me, a hole opened up in the floor and I fell down in the cart. The hole closed up behind me.

We traveled upwards and I witnessed the same scene, but with hockey players trying to play hockey instead of the deer. They got eaten too.

I laughed in amusement.

The next tide was ‘Rapid Racers.’ It was a water ride.

I boarded a boat and the ride began. I fell down waterfalls at every twisting turn, and watched as fish got splashed ashore to die.

I laughed in amusement.

I woke up, and remembered my mission. I advanced on my partners slowly, grabbing my throwing knives as I did.

I laughed in amusement as I threw my knives into their hearts, and plunged into the night.

I was the nightmare.

Which meant I had to be a mare.

I found the female horse laying on the ground, wounded. I spun a knife between my fingers, before throwing it into her neck.

I ate the horse, in order to use my shapeshifting powers.

I was the nightmare.

My eyes caught on something silvery flowing in the moonlight.

I waltzed around happily in my horse state, kicking the shape every time it came near.

Then, I realized that it was a ghost! It had the face of my sister, my favorite one, the one I murdered first.

She sprinted back as she saw the look of recognition cross my face. She nocked an arrow with incredible speed, shooting it straight to my heart.

But my heart was already shattered.

I had already been half dead. My dreams of ‘Death Park’ were half-heaven.

It was amusing.

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