Broken broken stories
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reypollo I'm only here for the PJO and HP fanfic.
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Just a poem.


Broken, like your spirit,

Your emotions like a meteorite.

Too scared to love,

Betrayal, you want to be free of.

You want to be part of a friendship,

But the unlikable experiences are endless.

Clothes, soaked in tears,

You wish you had a reason to say ‘Cheers.’

Endless, seems depression,

Your life is a series of dark questions.

If only you would commit to suicide,

All of your happiness is dyed.

As unhappy as a thunderstorm,

In a smile, your face deforms.

Your voice seems quieter than a whisper,

It’s okay, because it’s lined with blisters.

Past love seemed sweeter than a rose,

More beautiful than when it snows.

She destroyed you like glass,

Showed that her heart was harder than brass.

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