When Grace Found Me
When Grace Found Me stories

revrjmI write inspirational poetry.
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When Grace Found Me

I have walked down the road of despair. I have been in the pit of hopelessness.

I have tasted the fruit of bitterness. I have been where I felt no one cared.

I have slept in the tomb of loneliness. I have stood on the brink of eternity, Aching to drop off the edge.

Then grace came and gently took my hand. Grace turned me around And whispered in my ear, “For your pain I came.” Then grace held me in a long embrace.

Grace that day became my dearest friend. I would not have survived without him.

Today I reflect on where I’ve been— A long way have I come since then. Now I travel a highway of hope, My heart filled with joy and peace, Rejoicing that grace found me.

I’m thanking God for the day Grace found me. Revrjm

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