Stressed out
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revieway A nerd who has been revived
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Read along this girl as she writes in her diary of her fear of going to prom. I would love it if I could have criticism on this ^^ I'm still fairly new to this site

Stressed out

by revieway

Dear Diary,

I'm excited for the day, where I can dress up

And to be not afraid of being myself

With my friends

To slow dance with him

In front of all those poeple

With their eyes on us


Silently judging our every move

Their mouths making words to

Judge, my friends will judge me

So will he

A girl with a thousand insecurities

And a body full of flaws

Somebody will notice all the wrongs on me

Humiliation is waiting for me beyond those school doors

I'm bound to slip up because tragedy is shackled to

My ankle

I don't belong in room full of my classmates

All full of life, beauty, and poise

With me... Plain average me

I wish.

I wish I could stay home

Where I'm most comfortable and I can dance till 2am

And sing on the top of my lungs


I have to go. For my friends

For him.

So dear diary,

I will either come home a devastated girl

Or a very happy one


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