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resurgophoenix Never scream again.
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A rap song about gynesexuality.
It is partially inspired by ITSOKAYTOCRY's Bipolar Freestyle and set to Musicality's Mortal Kombat Remix.

Gynasexual Freestyle

She don't even need to make me sandwich,

Just gimme bandwidth.


The spell on me damaged.

Huge fan, all span,

This a holy cantrip.

Cold heart on my bands,

None of this is candid.

You don't need to understand.

All I do is brandish.

I don't give a fuck about no glans.

Make the hand twitch.

Baby you all hold up in the stands,

Where's your man? See me land?

I got lasers in my master plan.

Catch me with my clan.

Ooh? Ooh.

Do you see what you do?

Hold up, really it's true.

You so vanilla, is cool.

Am no villain 'or fool.

Got the body like a buffet.

Got me feel'n like it's Tuesday.

Evey time you on the full tray.


Kind soul squee like "Yay".

She go'n be like "Bae".

I go see like "Hey".

She go MIA.

Watch me quantum fade.

I pull up like Chronomage.

Line my time with holy flames.

Run up till I rise again.


Wait till 26, I'll be lit

You my wick and I don't give a shit.

Whisper till it sticks.

Solid, whole and animate.

Danger Dolan, run the clip.

Nothingness up on the wrist.

Kick the blade, I never flip


Conversate until I switch.

Got the grip,

Catch my groovy ace whips.

Contemplate so I don't trip.

It's irrelevant, because I don't exist.

But I still persist;

Got that open fist.


She got that style;

Gynamorphic brand.

Easy understand.

I don't clamor in the bleachers.

There no blood up on my hands.

Ain't no need to plan.

I just stand up where I need to stand.

On my plane, this where zero fishes swam.

Yeah, I blaze.

Pink haze, simmer on the blade.

No slay. No joke, just stay.

Don't die, I crave.

Don't mind if I'm played.


Ride till we die, let me see you in my lane.

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