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resurgophoenix Never scream again.
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She's literally never sneaky, but I like her anyway.


Would she read it?

If she read it would she see it?

Is she willing to believe if I conceive it?

On her journey does she remember me?

Does she find me peering out from behind the concepts?

Is she afraid to see me there, waiting for her?

Should I stop waiting? I won't.

If my life depended on it I'd still wait.

Standing here, where I belong and still feel lost.

In the mirror for hours, eyes pried open.

1000 visions of sadness after every wink.

Like a marathon of nightmares.

I wake up, reflect.

All day every day.

It doesn't feel like suffering anymore.

It's agonizing duty, a thing I simply must do.

For it is you in my sight, hiding behind my world.

Sneaking behind my every word.

I search for an answer when there is none.

What must I do?

I'm shattered, but these pieces cry over you.

I'm on the side watching you from afar.

Missing you without judgement.

Silencing my own greed, now almost effortless.

I hold my tongue, and let you be.

I trust in you.

Even when you lie to me.

Even when I know your lying to me.

Even when you omit.

It doesn't make me love you any less.

I would do it all.

For every reason.

But tonight I'm exhausted.

We sleep apart because you're exhausted.

All these rules are exhausting.

I miss you.

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