A chance encounter
A chance encounter  summer-horror stories

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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

A chance encounter

After spending almost three hours at the salon, Alison emerged out looking beautiful and party ready. "Thank god I made it in time or else Josey would have killed me. Now where is this girl...

," Alison thought to herself. Josey and Alison are beat friends since school and today they are meeting to celebrate Josey's engagement to her boyfriend Alan.

They have been dating for a month now. "Hope Josey found him that tolerable to get engaged. I am yet to figure out what sort of guys I prefer," Alison thought out loud.

After 10 minutes waiting, Josey finally came and hugged her bestie with a childish grin. "So sorry Alison my car broke down mid way.

Had to call Alan to give me lift," said Josey as Alan came from behind and held her hand.

Alison stood their for a while not listening to a single word Josey kept blabbering about how awesome Alan is and she's so happy to be with him as they finished their second round of drinks.

All that Alison felt was her heart racing and saw how incredibly hot Alan was, tall and that smile. "Oh my god. Why does he need to smile to often? He looks so hot.

No no no I should focus on something else. I can't just stare at my best friend's boyfriend with lust. Control Ali control," she kept on telling herself.

Her trance broke when Josey excused herself for going to the washroom, leaving her alone with Alan. "Now what do I do," she smiled nervously at Alan.

He held his hand out and asked, "Would you like to dance." And without waiting for her to reply, he took Alison to the dance floor.

Alan's hand were resting on Alison's waist and hers on his shoulders as they danced to her favourite romantic number. She looked at him, and he was smiling.

He said, "You are a very good dancer. Love the way you move your hips to the beats." Alison felt her cheeks and ears getting hotter every second as she spent with Alan.

As if he knew what she wanted, Alan leaned forward and whispered in her ears "I know you like me, the look in your eyes gives you away. I know you want to eat me up right here.

" Alison felt her knees giving away and she held Alan's arm more tightly. She looked into his eyes as they kissed.

She was so into him, she didn't realise someone was watching their every move, right from her first glance at Alan to his lustful moves on her.

But Josey saw it all and that's why she had excused herself in the pretext of going to the washroom. All Josey was doing and enjoying was seeing her plan working out perfectly.

She knew Alan was an asshole who lusted over any beautiful girl. He was with her just to fuck her, but he was not the one fucking around.

It was her who laid the plans of their chance encounter right from at the basketball court to them colliding at the park. Everything was planned.

Today too she knew it will be only matter of time when Alan's hands will be over her bestfriend. He just can't control his lust and that would be his downfall.

Josey went back to the parking lot found Alan's car. She had slipped the keys with her when she went to washroom. "It was not difficult.

Alan was anyway busy gawking at Alison, he didn't pay much notice," Josey thought to herself. She disconnected the fuel supply line.

So once they start their drive back home, the car won't go further and she will have her chance of revenge. That's exactly what happened.

Their car broke down in the middle of a secluded spot after a short drive.

Alan got down from the car to check what went wrong as he was examining inside the bonnet, Josey came out quietly and stood close to Alan. She whispered "Do you know Rebekah from St Johns.

Colour flushed from his handsome face hearing that name. He tried to held his composure and respond. Josey could hear his heart pounding as she slit his throat with the pocket knife in a swift.

"One down four to go. You will have your revenge Rebekah." She was her little sister who had mysteriously drowned in their community swimming pool 10 years ago.

No one could prove any foul play but Josey knew something went wrong that day. After she finished college she devoted all her free time in investigating what happened that day.

And finally after months of probing, Alan's name came forward. He was their senior at school and was passing out college when her sister died.

She stalked Alan through his social media platforms and planned their chance encounter. And rest was easy... Josey smiled as looked at his lifeless body.

And right before summer ends, a serial killer stalks her next unexpected visitor.

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