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I sit on the bench where he sits Sat down after me both waiting thinking how

Private Train Sports

I sit on the bench where he sits Sat down after me both waiting thinking how Of all the benches he could have chosen This one here He chose

And instantly engaged my body Linked his tight shirt thick arms tight arse perked As the train arrives He stands Suggestive flicker of his eyes

Back over shoulder across to mine What does he want from me do I from him En route to work Where I’ll be bound to pressing deadlines Of daylight sunlit time

And yet the pull the pull As sat down now we look across Occasionally cagily Through each other's thirsty gazes To hard streets where hard hard men

Beat their chests And drool with isolated frenzy Throw back heads and lick with liberated tenderness Exposed necks and running down through each and every cleft and cranny of our bodies Melting with each other's touch

Glances here expressed to gauge potential fresh encounters With another Another discovery another body Another fragrance taste curve of hip and offering of moistened lip

Another pair of longing eyes another set of needs of lust Fleeting in the days we treat as long long nights Always ever in pursuit of landing Firm in someone else's arms

Look at me not looking coy to break the silence Forged across the no-man's-land of this mid-carriage till Another couple family father-daughter combo hop aboard Disturbing us our waiting potent patient silence

This gaze takes on a whole new meaning For now we’re watched not only by ourselves but by The world the world outside Whose sunlit certainty Brings down to bear on us that we

Feel foreign in our unseen dance Two creatures of the night stuck subtle ballet waiting for Impending stop And end of this flirtation knowing we are bound By many things so other to our joint desire

And then I’ll think I could just push him up against the cushioned rest beside the carriage door And felt his honey breath slip into my Wide-open thirsty throat Filling my cheeks with warm-breathed exhalations

As acrid air plays through the windows through my hair But no Instead as we stand side by side pull into the immortal station No words are said No touch no rub no stroking arm

Until the carriage stops the doors break open And in momentary pause I utter Only words I know how to express myself with now we’re here Upon the brink and shoal of time it’s

'After you' The only words I speak After which He nods and walks ahead And left Is gone Into the white-tiled corridors

And me I turn the other way Remembering all the times I didn’t say One word so maybe in this moment I can bank that it’s true. Things progress

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