The Legend of the DMT Elves

The Legend of the DMT Elves #dmt stories

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A brief introduction to the entities who manage and maintain the Universe.

The Legend of the DMT Elves

The DMT elves are responsible for providing the magical operation of things like synchronicity, precognition, fate, creativity, free will, and true randomness.

They supply causal forces that affect the physical universe from without. They live in the noumenal realm: the world of minds, dreams and spirits.

They exert their will via quantum fluctuations and wavefunction collapse, and so they can only impart tiny effects. To have a noticeable impact on humans, they need to choose their actions extremely judiciously.

Their job is analogous to playing a googol simultaneous chess games, considering all the possibilities and consequences of one googol "chess moves" into the future.

Even more impressive is that the game is a googol times more complex than our human game of chess.

But you see only three of these elves. So you ask, "are there really only three of you?" They nod in agreement, and state in unison "there are indeed only three of us".

But they don't sound believable. They're messing with you. They know that they have an intelligence far beyond our capabilities and understanding. And so they toy with us when they are encountered.

One of them says, "You can't figure it out when you're in it, only when you're not in it."

So I ask them about my darkest fears, "Are the afterlife and spiritual world a heaven, something positive and wonderful?"

"Of course! But...actually no."

"You can imagine much worse worlds, truly horrible worlds, but why would you want to do that, especially if you have a choice? The spirits that choose horror, actually enjoy horror."

"If you don't want to live in horror, we suggest that you don't choose that world. If you're unable or unwilling to choose, you get reincarnated and then in the future we will meet yet again."

"In the end you'll realize that all the possibilities are part of you. The spirits live as pieces of you and every other being, and at some point will return to their source."

"You have small pieces of horror inside. We all do. Bye!"

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