An Unknown Unit
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reowoo I write short things about army guys.
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Small little story I came up with. Could make this into a fully fledged series...

An Unknown Unit

There has been sightings of a strange special forces unit in Afghanistan and Syria.

Dubbed MANTA (Military Anonymous New Threat Agency) by the US Government, witnesses report them wearing all black Western tactical gear,

masks with varying skull designs on them and some kind of tactical smartwatch on members' wrists. There are no reported flags or unit patches visible on their gear.

They alledgedly speak as little English as possible, communicating with each other using hand signals and speaking in dead languages such as Latin and even Sanskrit.

When they do speak English, operators supposedly have strange accents and give detailed but at the same time monotone responses in a professional manner.

Conspirators believe them to be a splinter group of the US Army's Delta Force or maybe a new, undisclosed force, armed with tech straight from Area 51.

It is unknown why they communicate in dead languages, although some speculate this is just for privacy and/or secrecy. When operating they are said to be ruthless, efficient and deadly.

Reportedly one MANTA operator is equal to 5 Navy SEALS or 3 SAS Servicemen. They are said to use variants of the M4A1 assault rifle and carry FN Five Seven or sometimes even M1911 pistols.

Interestingly, all members are said to be left handed. It is unknown why this group is operating in the Middle East or why it's helping US and UK forces there.

The bigger mystery is who they answer to and where they are based...

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