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2 young adults are on their way back from a supply run. This is the very first draft of a WIP story I have going please tell me what you hate about it.

An Apocalyptic Fantasy

In an only marginally stranger world, there sits a quaint beige house with a deteriorating roof. It is pressed right against the adjacent, abandoned homes.

Well not abandoned a more accurate descriptor would be newly inhabited as currently inside there are 2 people,

huddling beneath a particularly strong piece of roof beside what once would have been a kitchen.

One of the pair is nearly what we would call tall, rather lanky, blemished amber skin,

although it was covered in dirt and grime from the disastrous 4 days spent hiking to the library and most of the way back.

His clothes were in a similar state, simple brown jacket with only a few holes on the shoulder and a pair of worn blue jeans.

he is holding an open book and staring at it, which might lead one to believe he was reading however this was not the case, as made evident by the fact it was, first,

burned on many of the pages and second of all upside down. The second was a woman, with a paler complexion, though not lacking the dirt it was certainly better taken care of.

Her mousy hair is cut short. She had a similar, albeit slightly more tattered around the wrists.

The pair sat in the corner until it came to night time, when the woman stood and pulled off the jacket.

She walked toward the center of the room and set her feet shoulder width apart and began a breathing exercise.

After a moment she placed one arm in front of her, the other was cocked back by her hip.

Her outstretched fingers nimbly traced a circle inscribing a triangle, she sighed after a moment and tried again,

and again until the struggling light of dusk gave way to night and the room was filled with darkness as the moon lit the outside world.

The young man who had not left the corner finally spoke up, “if you don’t see the circle then you shouldn’t do the triangle” he stood from his position and took a similar stance,

yet when his had stretched out small pin points in the air began to glow, and as he traced the circle they formed the circle and with a careful,

precise hand he drew the triangle and with his hand by his hip he punched through the rune and it shattered with no effect.

“Oh, almighty wizard thank you for gracing us with such an inspiring performance” chuckled Julia.

“Shut up Julia, you couldn’t even form the rune” Reofan said mildly annoyed, trying again. The rune shattering again 3 more times before it stopped forming.

He sat in a huff with his back against the wall for a few moments before pulling a lighter out of his backpack followed by a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Reofan began setting about the task of fashioning a crude torch to go grab some real firewood before looking at the still “there isn’t any more in the air, we can’t cast it here tonight,

maybe head outside if you want to keep trying”


just let me know when you get back” she said jerkily as she slipped a bit on some deteriorating furniture on the way out before catching herself on the wall and stepping into

the bright moonlight that poured from the freshly risen full moon.

The forest around Reofan was quiet and beautiful, it seemed to whisper secrets of varying importance as the breeze slipped through their slender branches,

tearing gently at every leaf in its wake. The beauty, however; was disrupted as it often is by a young man lost in his own head.

Reofan was running over what he knew about spells in his head, he was trying to design a new one, that could move things about at a smaller level,

he considered the various shapes he remembered and their attached purpose.

If he was being honest with himself, he would realize he would never remember a damn thing out here but he thought it was a fun little game to play.

His thoughts rang so presently that the silent birds were ignored.

Reofan stepped into a bit of bramble to pick up some kindling, to start the fire when he heard a very distinctive *click* behind him.

Reofan’s fingers began to draw the three-line rune for gun jamming by his side before he was knocked to the ground by the barrel jamming into his back pushing him farther off balance than

he already was in his slightly bent over position and dispelling the rune.

The voice spoke up after quickly, it was gruff and quick talking “Don’t you be trying none of that magic boy. We don’t want anybody getting hurt just come on and stand up now”

Reofan rose slowly, and turned to face the voice, which had been coming from a short, bald man with very gaunt almost, wraithlike skin covered in scars, most likely from smallpox.

The man had a shotgun leveled at Reofan’s chest.

After a moment he made a gesture in the air and a second man stepped out from behind a tree putting him, behind and to the right of the man with the gun by a good 30 feet.

“listen sir, I don’t want to—” began Reofan before the short man cut him off.

“No you listen here now, this ain’t a negotiation, me and my friend here just want your food and some of yall’s water.”

“I don’t have any on me bu—" Reofan was interrupted by a flash of movement,

which slammed into the short bald man who began yelling and trying to knock off this large canine with 2 glowing golden eyes and teeth that dripped with venom.

His partner raised his gun and fired 3 shots.

Well Reofan assumed he raised the gun, he couldn’t tell as he was currently sprinting back to Julia in hopes of escaping the Phenomena currently mauling those 2 men

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