The Invisible S in Yin Yang
The Invisible S in Yin Yang tao/ stories

renhui Poet
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Dear commaful writers, I invite you to truly see the forgotten element in Yin Yang symbol -- For today's prompt - Forgotten. From your #64 poet

The Invisible S in Yin Yang

Moving in the middle between Yin Yang symbol is the S – in perpetual transformation clockwise for nurturing counter clockwise for release

Like the mists rising from the rivers sending scent of pine into the air The S winds from the foot of the mountains to the temple on top

Within the circle Yin resides in Yang -- Yang resides in Yin Stillness in motion -- feminine in masculine like winter buries fertile soil for spring

Yin Yang gives birth to five elements --Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth -- Then captured in eight trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams An intricate multi-active spider web of qi forms

One and many Swirling us in ten directions As the ever-balancing S Codes its wisdom in our consciousness

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