Mt. Everest the Destination
Mt. Everest the Destination awakening stories

renhui Poet
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I invite all to climb the Mt. Everest of inner journey . . poem for today's prompt Explorations

Mt. Everest the Destination

I thought I was enlightened When you rejected my view I felt crushed

I thought I was kind When you hurt me I wanted to hurt you back

I thought I was generous When your ex came here I wanted her to vanish

I thought I was strong When you told me the problems of your kids I wanted to run away

I thought I . . . I am taking hikes to Mt. Everest of inner journeys

Where The mind is only a tool for expressions Compassion has no pre or post conditions Pain leads to growth And love knows no boundaries

Shed the tears of illusions Mt. Everest, you are my destination!

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