How Do We Learn?
How Do We Learn? learning stories

renhui Poet
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Faith depends on how we learn, hence today's poem. (Thanks to the question asked of me at Thanksgiving table Thursday.)

How Do We Learn?

By experience Said the pragmatist Through contact with events We acquire knowledge or pain To turn hate to love We make friends with enemies Do we let our hearts bleed in vain?

By unlearning Said the Zen master Through emptying our mind We see things as they are To turn hate to love We drop hate and be mindful Where is the broken heart?

By truly being human Said the psychiatrist Through wakening the subconscious We know we're millions of years in the making To turn hate to love We journey from murderers to heroes of love How can we evolve without sacrifice?

By connecting our brain neurons Said the modern neuroscientist Through only 21 days We build a new neuron path To turn hate to love Just break the damn pain neurons and build ones with love!

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