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ren5808 Maybe writing will help?
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The world needs more artists

We're All Artists

The mother raising her boys to be good men. Men with emotions. Men with feelings. Men that know right from wrong. Men that know sometimes it is their turn to do the dishes.

The teenager that smiles at strangers. Helps the old lady at the grocery store get something from the top shelf. Goes out of his way to help others.

The woman working 40+ hours a week to support her family. Yet still taking time to teach others. To train. To make a better tomorrow.

The old man that feeds the birds. Everyday at the same time. They depend on him now. And he shows up.

I think we're all artists. In our own ways.

In the way we communicate.

The way we help.

The way we love.

The way we put good out into the world.

Use your art. Spread your art.

The world needs more artists.

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