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This is a rework of the Buu Saga, I'm a really big fan of dbz so I decided to remake it a little bit.

By: Michael lampi


by Michael Lampi

15 years have gone by since the incident with Cell, the Z-Fighters didn't slack on training, and Gohan has the responsibility that Goku had,

protecting the Earth from harm and preventing it from being destroyed by Evil. Vegeta's son, Trunks, was born, and meanwhile a new threat was discovered by Krillin.

He had seen multiple cities being destroyed and he sensed an energy comparable to that of Vegeta, or so he thought, as he imagined Vegeta saying "IM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS,

IM THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN". Krillin shrugged it off and returned to the Z-Fighters.

While on the way to the Z-Fighters, Krillin sensed two energies following him, he knew what the Z-Fighters energy felt like but this, this was a completely different energy.

When he got there, two strange looking people walked towards them, one was short and had a mohawk, while the other one was tall and had long hair.

The short one introduced himself as the Supreme Kai, and the other introduced himself as Kibito.

Krillin told them that there was a new threat to earth and it's gonna be getting worse If they don't stop it.

The Z-Fighters were sure that they'd be fine, so they chose to not take the situation as serious.

The Supreme Kai told the Z-Fighters "this should be taken seriously, as this threat to Earth was even larger than that of Cell!!".

The Z-Fighters panicked and started trying to figure out who this mystery threat was. They flew around cities over and over again, until someone stopped them.

This thing, creature, entity, whatever it was, paused their search. The creatures skin tone was pink, very tall, with devilish eyes and a large M on his forehead.

Vegeta threatened "Who are you, you better get out of our way before I blast you to hell!", The thing replied with "Oh, how rude of you" as he smirked. "Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dabura, and I am the King of the Demon realm" he says in a low intimidating voice.

Krillin knew this feeling, this is the same feeling he got when he was out hunting for info on the new threat. Krillin screamed "IT'S HIM, HE'S THE THREAT".

The Z-Fighters immediately attacked him with a flurry of Ki attacks, but Dabura vanished, and the Z fighters were transported to some place they had no idea about.

A door opened, inside looking similar to Vegeta's gravity training room.

As they walked in, they were transported to another place where it was dark and cold with miniscule natural terrain, and they saw Dabura on top of a small hill, looking down at them.

"Welcome to the demon realm" Dabura laughs. Vegeta was angry and annoyed, he charged up his final flash and nodded at Gohan. Krillin also nodded at Gohan as if they had a plan.

Gohan put his right hand on Krillin and his left hand on his forehead, meanwhile Piccolo was ready to fire his Special Beam Cannon.

In an instant Gohan teleported behind Dabura, Krillin screamed "SOLAR FLARE!!!" as he used it in a small enough radius where only him Gohan and Dabura would be blinded.

*PZEWWWW* Gohan blinded, but using his instincts, Gohan used a full power kick *TWACK*, sending Dabura towards Vegeta and Piccolo.

Visibly confused and shaken, Dabura yelled in agony as he fired a chaotic beam from his eyes all over the Demon realm, it hit Piccolos left torso and it slowly turned into stone.

Vegeta firing his Final flash and Piccolo unleashing his Special Beam Cannon, Dabura was blown up and completely destroyed. Dabura was no more.

Piccolo took quick action while Vegeta was sweating and confused. Piccolo sliced his left torso with his hand, he was filled with pain and agony.

Piccolo moaned "AUGH!" As he regenerated his whole left torso and was visibly sweating. Gohan threw him a senzu bean and everyone was fine, for now...


After the Z-Fighters defeated Dabura, they were transported back to where they started.

The supreme Kai and Kibito were waiting for the Z-Fighters to give them new information about the threat towards them and Earth. "So you see, Dabura was merely a puppet for a much greater foe.

That place you guys were transported to, "The Demon Realm" was a place to gather energy, energy enough to awaken an entirely new monster.

The Mastermind behind it is a wizard by the name of "Babidi". He uses his magic to awaken and take over powerful hosts and turn them into Majins." the Supreme Kai explained.

Then Vegeta angrily yells "What the hell are Majins you mohawk midget!", the Supreme Kai further explains "Majins are what Babidis hosts are called after their body is taken over.

Babidis magic also enhances the capabilities of the host". Yamcha smirks.

Kibito faces towards the Supreme Kai and says "Should we take them to grandpa Kai?" The Supreme Kai nods yes, and asks the Z-Fighters to follow them.

As the Z-Fighters follow the 2, they make their way to another world where earth is far far away.

The Z-Fighters arrive at their destination, and the Supreme Kai introduces a wrinkly purple old man, also known as "The Elder Kai".

Vegeta asks "Why did you bring us here? What is the meaning of this?" The Supreme Kai replies "It's to unlock, your hidden potential and remove your growth barrier, also known as your limiter.

", Everyone is shocked at what they just heard, Vegeta exclaims "What, how??? That's preposterous!! You're lying!". The Supreme Kai smirks and confidently says "You'll see soon enough.".

The Elder Kai interrupts "So who's first, I don't got all day!". Yamcha surprisingly says "ME ME, ME FIRST", and the ritual to shattering their limiter begun, and it took little to no time.

Yamcha says "I feel, I feel so light and so free but I also feel so dense", and about an hour later,

the Z-Fighters were "fully awakened" and they immediately went to the hyperbolic time chamber to train.

Gohans physical capabilities were second to none, so he meditated in the room of Spirit and Time. He was on the verge of a breakthrough and ascending.

Vegeta, surprisingly, brought the whole gravity chamber into the room of Spirit and Time to train with. The Z-Fighters used their time wisely.

Yamcha trained with Krillin in the gravity chamber while Vegeta was training by himself, Yamcha surprisingly was really really strong with his limiter removed and his hidden potential awakened.

He was even stronger than a Super Saiyan. His hidden potential unleashed somehow made his training 10x more effective, still being the weakest of the bunch, but Yamcha was no slouch.

The Z-Fighters were done training, and they were just talking. Yamcha decided to go off somewhere,

somewhere far away enough where Gohan wouldn't be able to sense his energy and use instant transmission.


As Yamcha got to his destination, an ominous presence came towards him, energy that he's never felt before. It was a short, greenish yellow looking thing, it introduced itself as "Babidi".

Yamcha was sweating profusely and blurted out "What do you want from me!", and Babidi says in a high pitched voice "It is not what I want, it is what you want.

You want more power do you not? Enough to take down Vegeta?", Yamcha was shocked, how did this creature know?

Yamcha was always jealous of Vegeta taking Bulma away from him, Yamcha wanted enough power to fold Vegeta into two. In a flurry of anger, Yamcha accepts the power.

Babidis magic latched onto Yamchas inner hatred and consumed him, and now, he was more powerful than ever, he was a human, a human taking a transformation.

He had blue, grayish white fur all over his upper body. Arms, stomach, back and the fur stopping reaching at Yamchas chest. "I feel amazing" he says in a low voice, looking towards babidi.

Yamcha tested out his skills, and while doing so, he noticed microscopic holes were all over his body, and once he tried to get something out of them with his mind,

sharp things similar to a wolf's claw, but much bigger longer, and denser came sprouting out of him.

He tried his wolf fang fist near a tree, but the tree instantly ripped apart at Yamchas energy, and when he did it just to the air, his movement was strong enough to shake the plains,

50 miles away. Yamcha, with his new form, rivaling the strongest beings known to earth, but will it be able to defeat Vegeta? Yamcha had no doubt that with his new gained power, he'd be able to beat Vegeta easily..

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